Ministries Serve Through the Storm

Two North Carolina churches, insured by American Church Group of North Carolina, were featured in the news for doing what Christian ministries do best: Serving others.

Cheerful, red-shirted volunteers were serving pasta and arranging air mattresses at Manna Church, a non-denominational church on the west side of Fayetteville, North Carolina, The New York Times reported. 

An article said the church became Fayetteville’s eighth official shelter on Sunday, taking in people who had endured five days of pouring rain.

In New Bern, North Carolina, a Times reporter interviewed Jim Pennington, senior pastor of Temple Church. According to the article, Pennington had paddled around the community in a kayak on Friday, working with another volunteer to pull about 30 people from floodwaters.

The North Carolina Baptist Convention set up a mobile feeding operation at Temple Church, serving free, hot meals to anyone in need. Although “big chunks of the roof had fallen in over the stage,” the Times reported that Temple Church still offered a worship service on Sunday to about 80 people.

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