Camps play a vital role in the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of children, youth, and adults. We work with insurance providers that offer coverages created specifically for camps.

When you work with us, your insurance package may include protection for:

  • Accidents and injuries that occur for both campers and camp staff during a wide range of activities.
  • Varied activities such as horseback riding, water sports, zip lines, and more.
  • Claims of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment.
  • Facilities to ensure that camps are adequately protected from a total loss.
  • Loss of revenue if your facilities are not usable after a fire or another covered claim.

We understand your insurance needs, and we can help develop a plan that makes sure you’re covered.

Customer Story

Practical insurance solutions protect camp and campers

In one situation, the camp founder had an entrepreneurial spirit and felt that insurance was not necessary (this has happened more than once). As the camp ministry expanded, it added activities—water sports, horseback riding, and an obstacle course. Camp leaders changed their minds and decided to accept our insurance program. They are very appreciative!

Our insurance protection has met their needs numerous times. On one occasion, a frozen pipe triggered extensive water damage, and the building repairs were paid for by insurance. On another occasion, our insurance program and company claims adjuster stood by the camp after a tragic day. On that day, a fast-moving windstorm caused a large tree to fall on young campers at an outdoor vesper service. Several were injured, and there was a fatality.

This ministry continues to change lives effectively because practical insurance solutions protect the camp.