It’s hard for non-profits to find an agency that sharpens their vision for protecting the vulnerable. Our clients vary from children’s ministries to addiction treatment centers, programs for the disabled, the homeless, seniors, and more.

The organizations we work with appreciate that we can put together competitive solutions. Even more important to most is that we are able to provide meaningful safety advice.

We can develop a comprehensive insurance plan for your organization that fits your budget. Some coverage options you may want to consider include:

  • Protection for your board of directors and leadership teams.
  • Coverage for claims of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment.
  • Protection from financial damages that result from decisions made by your organization’s leaders.
  • Coverage for e-commerce errors, data breach errors, or errors committed by outsourced technology contractors.

Members of our team are actively involved in local ministries just like yours. They serve on boards and work alongside their fellow volunteers, because they’re passionate about the work you do and the services you provide. Let us make sure you have the insurance protection you need, so you can focus on your ministry.

Customer Story

Coverage protects against administrative errors

The ministry had a retirement plan that included an employer contribution. Only full-time employees were eligible.

One employee moved from part-time to full-time but was not offered this benefit when her status changed. The insurance carrier paid approximately $20,000 to the employee for this administrative error, through the insurance policy’s Employee Benefits Liability Coverage.