Denominational Offices and Associations

Denominational leadership teams face exposures related to their specific activities as well as the exposures related to their member churches and ministries.

We can help you create an insurance program to cover the following:

  • Liability exposures that member churches have that lead to the involvement of the denominational office, such as starting new churches and moral failures of clergy
  • Easy solutions for insuring property, including properties formerly owned by member churches that are now dissolved
  • Liability solutions for denominational camping ministries, missions activities, conferences, and retreats
  • Ordination, licensing, placement, or transfer of clergy within your religious organization

Our team of ministry insurance professionals can help your leadership team make sure you have the insurance protection you need. Allow us to provide insurance solutions to your diverse needs so you can focus on the more important business of providing leadership to the ministries within your organization.

Customer Story

Pastor’s lawsuit has no impact on denomination’s finances

The leaders at the denomination headquarters had reservations about providing credentials to a pastor. When his initial application was declined, the pastor retained the services of an attorney and brought a lawsuit against the denomination headquarters.

The legal process continued all the way to the state Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the denomination headquarters, based on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The pastor did not receive a financial award; however, the legal fees were extensive. The insurance company reimbursed the denominational headquarters for the legal fees, and the lawsuit had no impact on ministry finances.