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1. Health Care Reimbursement Option Now Available

Small businesses—including churches and related ministries—can once again pay premiums for their employees’ health insurance. Previously known as an Employer Payment Plan (EPP) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), these arrangements violated the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, due to a recently passed law, ministries that are not part of a group health plan now have another option to help employees with health care costs.

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2. IRS Warns of Dangerous W-2 Email Scam

Ministries beware: An email scheme, designed to coincide with tax season, asks payroll and human resource professionals to disclose employees’ personal information. Think you wouldn’t fall for such a scam? You might, if the email looks as if it came from someone in your ministry.

Tags: IRS regulations, paying employees, cyber security, church staff, security, damages, digital
3. How to Pay Church Employees

If you compensate your full-time church staff on a salary or hourly basis, you should be aware of how those positions are defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Tags: church payroll, church staff, paying employees, Fair Labor Standards Act

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